Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Problems...'s me again..haha..well,last week I went to marching competition...kinda tired cos busy preparing the PBSM squad...well,unfortunately none of the squad got the top 3 especially the girls...but for me it's okay cos they've already done their best and it's enough for me...the most important is they marched with full pride and energy and have create a new relationship among them...(try to understand what I mean)..luckily the guys got to go to Zon Pudu so I wish them best of luck and hope they can be the champion...I really wanna belanja the girls squad but because of some problems I can't...(sorry girls)..well, I've already registered in Nilai University College, taking biotech but unfortunately I've been told that their degree is not being recognized by JPA...only their diploma is,I'm afraid that there will be problem when I I have to ask MOHE (Ministry of High Education) if their degree is recognized by father ask me to think of another course because he's afraid there'll be problem in the future...I've never thought this situation could happened to me...well guys,wish me luck...ciao

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